Security Guards and the Duties and Obligations Related to Gaming Surveillance Officers

Security guards are professionally trained individuals who are responsible for the detection and apprehension of criminals. There are several types of security guards such as patrol guards, highway security guards, airport security guards and prison security guards. A security guard is an individual employed by either a private or governmental agency to protect an employing party’s property from a various number of threats by enforcing precautionary measures on behalf of the employing entity. The primary duty of a security officer is to make sure that the security of an individual or assets of an entity is maintained and to refrain from acts of violence that can cause damage to these assets. Individuals who are security guards are also responsible for ensuring that the security of others is maintained at all times. Find Out –

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When a security guard witnesses criminal activity occurring or may suspect the commission of a crime, he/she is in a good position to identify the offender(s) and bring about the necessary deterrence. In a report filed by the security guards with their department, crimes such as assaults, theft, robbery, arson, assault with a deadly weapon, hit and run accidents, hit and runs, disturbances, trespassing, disorderly conduct, weapons violations and other criminal activity are typically reported. For each report of criminal activity, a security officer is required to complete an incident report. This report contains the details regarding the security officer’s observations of the criminal activity, the facts behind the incidents, and the actions taken in response to the events.

When security guards witness the commission of a criminal activity, they are legally obligated to report the criminal activity to law enforcement officials. The law enforcement officers who receive the reports from security guards are responsible for investigating the matters. Once a law enforcement agency receives a report of criminal activity, the investigating officer will speak with the subject who has been reported and will attempt to determine the facts surrounding the matter. If it is determined that there is in fact valid reason to suspect criminal activity, security guards will be requested to escort the subject and/or have him or her taken into custody.

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