Melbourne Glass and Glazing

Melbourne Glass and Glazing are an established part of the community in Melbourne, Australia. Last year delivered over 12,088 project requests to glass and glaze companies. In Melbourne an almost equal percentage of commercial job requests come from the South West Melbourne Suburbs, which include Maroochydore, Ebor and surrounds, and the North Melbourne City Centre. The South East Melbourne Area is the next most prolific area for projects request, with the areas surrounding Southbank and Kiewa together producing almost 7% of all project request.

Glass and Glazing Businesses in Melbourne

This information highlights the critical need in both regions for good quality, professional glass installation and maintenance. Many glass and glazing businesses have recently expanded into other areas of Melbourne such as Coolangatta, Broadmeadows, Greenmount, Moama, Prahran, Sandhringham, and parts of Kiewa. These images create opportunities for existing glass work within the pages and areas surrounding those areas to expand and flourish. Melbourne Glass and Glazing provide these opportunities. A large proportion of project request require the use of qualified, experienced glass installers and contractors who have many years experience in the industry.

Melbourne Glass and Glazing have a strong tradition in the production of state of the art glass mirrors. Due to the nature of the glass, Melbourne glass mirrors often have a slightly unusual appearance. These mirrors often utilize unusual cuts, mirror back or corner reflection, unique shapes or unusual angles, which are created through the craftsmanship and design of the glass. Glass mirrors are generally manufactured by hand with the most complex and technically intricate pieces being created by using a process called quilling. Other commonly available glass mirrors in the market include; wall mirrors, table mirrors, ceiling fans, pen holders, bookends, plaques and clocks.

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