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Purva Plots Devanahalli – A Book ReviewPurva Plots Devanahalli – A Book Review

There is no doubt that authors like Chendi Marathe, Javed Akhtar, Sushmita Sen and Priyadarshan Marathe have done exceptional work in the area of Devanagari novels. And, if you read their books, you will be struck by their beautiful style of writing which is not only engaging but also leaves an everlasting impression on the mind. The novel ‘Purva Plots’ by Priyadarshan Marathe is something that has got me hooked since the day I first read it. In fact, I have read many other novels by this talented writer, but this one has always stayed on my mind – Check out

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The story of the novel starts with two unlikely characters Padmini the Bengali girl and her husband Subodh, who happen to be a US citizen. Although both are from humble backgrounds, they manage to balance the poverty-ridden life they lead with an act of kindness and heroism to support their daughter, Parital. The story revolves around the struggles they go through while raising their daughter along with their pet dog Pappu, a reference to the popular American cartoon character.

The novel has some excellent dialogues between the parents and the children, as well as between the adult and the minor characters Padmini having an often hostile relationship with her stepmother. All the dialogues are written in a flowing, conversational style that never loses its meaning and charm even when the narration switches to Parital’s point of view. The novel ends with a beautifully portrayed scene of Parital’s wedding day and the happy and proud new family. I would definitely recommend Purva Plots to people who haven’t read any of Chendi Marathe’s books and want to experience a similar vein of adventure and emotion.