Day: January 22, 2021

Top Tier Medical Marijuana in CanadaTop Tier Medical Marijuana in Canada

Many people in Canada are interested in the new marijuana trend sweeping across our neighbor to the north, and the top-tier cannabis Canada cannabis industry is quickly becoming one of the hottest markets in the country for marijuana. We’ve all heard of the top tier in Colorado, with its abundance of “mature” bud and boutique stores that cater to an older, sophisticated crowd. Now, we have what’s considered the third tier of CABELA buds, which are also growing strong and are being offered by some of the same boutique shops, at very reasonable prices.

Top Tier Medical Marijuana in Canada

While many people still mistakenly think that top-tier cannabis Canada is the same as the bottom tier, they are completely different plants. The bottom tier cannabis can be harvested more frequently but also deformed and with a shorter shelf life. Top-tier cannabis, on the other hand, can be harvested much more frequently and can be used to produce top-quality, potency medical marijuana for people in need. And while this is not the top tier cannabis in Colorado or Washington state, this new type of medical marijuana has already started to take off in much the same way as did the first two tiers of cannabis, making it easier for people to legally obtain medicine that is highly effective and safe.

This new, highly potent top-tier cannabis is something that can be offered in different forms, depending on your needs. Currently, some buds are being sold in capsules, where the moisture is locked in and the potency is locked in as well. This prevents the bud from drying out and keeps it fresh and flavorful for up to a year. Other top tier canabis can be offered in oils, where the buds are infused with the essential oils of the marijuana plant, and then dried up to create a concentrated extract. It’s even possible to make your own top tier canabis in your home by soaking fresh buds in water, straining them, and then boiling the water, draining the water, and pressing the buds to extract the oil.